Gin Review: Eden Mill Golf Gin

I’ve tried to find something interesting to say about this gin. Really I have. I’ve tried sipping it straight, I’ve mixed it with Fever Tree and a slice of grapefruit, and still I can’t detect the notes of hickory, rhubarb or marshmallow referenced on the back of the beautiful ceramic bottle. Even as I write this I’m taking a shameless swig in a last-ditch attempt to encounter the earthy spice advertised. The flavour is slightly fruity, but burns a little and disappears far too quickly.

The bottle offers the serving suggestion of a slice of apple and a sprig of basil. I will be sure to give this a try before I finish the bottle just to make sure that there’s nothing I’m missing. It’s not that this gin is awful, it’s just not very memorable. All nice packaging and nice substance. Christmas in a bottle, I suppose.