Beer review: Mission Pale Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewing

A recent trip to the US was topped off with sampling a few craft beers. This one in particular had travelled a fair distance to end up in a pizza place in Atlanta, and has given me good reason to put Portland, Oregon on my bucket list.

This brew is part of the Omission craft beer brand, which claims to be the first in the US to focus on using traditional beer ingredients, including malted barley, that are specially crafted to be gluten-free.

Served from the fridge with a chilled glass, it was the perfect refreshment at the end of a long day at work. It was bitter with a distinct orange taste, and a hop profile which made it beautifully easy to drink.

It’s taken me a while to appreciate craft beer served completely chilled; the temperature really limits the aroma, which means that the taste has a lot of work to do. In this case, it worked, and in the 94 Fahrenheit Atlanta heat, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

mission pale ale.JPG