Bar review: Cahoots, London

Nestled in Kingly Court (the heart of swinging 60s London) is this bar in a former tube station. When this place opened, getting a slot as a walk-in was hard, but it has seemed to become a lot easier. If you don’t want to take your chances, you need to book online, but beware, they do require a non-refundable deposit (the only reason I have never booked).

The experience is 100% kitsch all the way through, which is part of the fun. You are greeted by a train conductor and ushered down a staircase to collect a ticket ahead of entering the bar. The attention to detail is great, from the outfits of the staff to the decor and tube station announcements over a speaker.

Menus are printed on broadsheet newspaper pages, a cute touch. The drinks are innovative, and there’s plenty to chose from. If anything I’d say the list is a little too long (around  100 drinks) so I was shocked to be told by the bartender that they would be changing the menu to update and add to the selection!

I ordered the ‘Red Dapper’, a punchy mix of gin, fennel, tomato juice and anchovies. It was served in a tin can with an old fashioned label (wartime authenticity?)

Cahoots is fun. Just don’t expect the best drinks in London – the price you pay is for the novelty as well as the booze. It is  very easy for two people to spend £50 on two rounds here, so perhaps best saved for special occasions. Oh, and take a torch – it’s pretty dark in some of the corners, and you’re going to be doing a lot of reading if you want to take in the full drinks list.