Restaurant review: Shoryu, Soho

As ramen joints show no sign of slowing in popularity in Soho, my quest for the perfect bowl of noodle soup continues.

I was pretty inpressed by Tonkotsu a couple of months back, so this place was always going to have a lot to beat.

So, first impressions. The restaurant itself, like so many, it’s a little cramped. I’m shown to a seat along a window that gives me half the space I get at my current favourite eatery for solo noodles; Pho on Long Acre.

The staff at Shoryu are friendly, perhaps a little too friendly. Before I’m even managed to get my coat off, the waitress has launched into a full description of the menu.

I order the signature ramen. The broth is tasty, less salty than a lot that I’ve had, and with an earthy taste and rich consistency, likely helped along by the addition of kikurage mushrooms. The pork itself however, is disappointing. Only three small pieces in the bowl, and very lacking in flavour.

There was a good range of oils, spices and other condiments along the counter, so I added some extra seasoning, which improved the dish enormously.

All in all, ok but not incredible. The quest continues…

IMG_2530                   IMG_2531                    IMG_2532