Restaurant review – Tonkotsu, London

Last week I had a major craving for ramen noodles. With an evening to kill by myself in London, I headed for Soho to peruse the options. A quick Google of this place showed that it had great reviews.

The restaurant is small and bustling. Each table is set with spoon, chopsticks, and plenty of condiments and extras, such as chilli oil.

I ordered the house speciality, The Tonkotsu Ramen. It’s made with a 16 hour pork broth, one of the richest I’ve tasted. The menu claims that the sea salt base gives a fuller texture to the soup. It was great – the pork belly was tender, and the egg on top was cooked perfectly – just a tiny little bit runny.

The portion sizes here aren’t as huge as in some places across town – you could certainly get a larger meal in Soho for £11. But if it’s quality over quantity you’re looking for, I suggest giving this place a try. They really know what they’re doing. And with rich flavours like these, my craving was entirely satisfied.

tonkotsu 1        tonkotsu2