ale review: why kick a moo cow (Arbor brewery) at Pigs Ears Beer Cellar, Richmond

This is the first time I’ve knowingly had a New Zealand style ale, and I haven’t seen Arbor ales around previously. Turns out that it’s a Bristol-based microbrewery

It was incredibly easy drinking and smooth on the palate, with a rich fruity aftertaste. After two pints I could well have carried on drinking this all night, though at 5.5% on a weeknight, it’s just as well I didn’t. I’m yet to ascertain whether higher quality beer leads to a higher quality hangover in the way that it does with spirits.

Slow service aside, I enjoyed my first visit to the Pigs Ears. It’s a hard-to-find little basement boozer with a continental vibe, and an extensive food menu. We had stonebaked pizzas and they were excellent. They hold an impressive 200 beers at any one time, and rotate 12 or so keg and cask beers.