gin review: monkey 47

Well. This is truly one of the most unusual gins I’ve ever had. There are so many that claim to be unusual, but the reality is, few are as singular as this.

Schwarzwald Dry Gin is made with 47 botanicals, including lingon berries and bramble leaves, and is made in the Black Forest, an area traditionally known for the distilling of fruit liqueurs. Soft water and three months resting in earthenware containers are a couple of the other features which add to the character of this gin.

There are a few different flavours I detect in this, and yet I remain certain that there is at least one I can’t put my finger on. There’s a strong initial sage flavour, but also an aftertaste of something reminiscent of my childhood. I think it’s cough candy, but I can’t be sure.

If you’re a fan of the bitter taste of spirits like Aperol and Campari, you’ll probably like this, or at least, you’ll spend some pleasant time pondering over whether you like it or not, which is pretty much what I have done.

It’s not surprising that Negroni springs to mind for many with this spirit, but I think it would be a little overbearing, and not the best use of the unique compound of botanical flavours. On the recommendation of a friend, my next foray with this will be with Fever Tree tonic and a slice of grapefruit.