bar review: the cocktail trading co, london

Top marks for presentation here – it’s a while since I’ve had such stunning looking drinks.

We sat at the bar, which I firmly believe is the best seat in the house if decent mixologists are stood on the other side. The bar top was covered with quirky relics, and the free monkey nuts were a nice touch.

The ‘zombie’ was served atop a small bed of grass with a sinister claw poking out – comedic but also delicious.

CTC1    CTC2

My second drink, ‘For Whom The Bell Bols’, featured a delicious lavender and chamomile infused Bols Genever, and was topped with a burnt shortbread.

This place is an excellent reminder that drinks can be be fun and well as elegantly constructed. As for the tequila drink that comes with a ringpull can as a garnish, I’ll stop here to avoid spoiling all the surprises.

CTC4         CTC3