Bar review: Hop Alley Brew Pub

Independent breweries are on the rise in the US, though access to market remains a challenge. Some stats I’ve seen ( suggest that across the states there remains to be a higher proportion of brew pubs than microbreweries focused on sales to other businesses.

I wasn’t sure what experiences to expect from a few days on a business trip in a southern state, but after seeing the extensive but samey tap range in the hotel bar, great beer wasn’t necessarily one of them.

Determined not to give up, I got straight on Google Maps to find the best nearby craft beer bar and jumped in a cab.

Hop Alley Brew Pub has a great atmosphere. As an outsider I can only guess that it also has a great neighbourhood vibe, but based on the fact that a local engaged me in a conversation about real estate within moments of me sitting down at the bar and ordering the Scaly Mountain Wit, I’d say it’s a pretty friendly place.

A couple of drinks in it was time for some food. I went for the burger. It came cooked to medium/well juicy perfection, piled high with salad. And the onion rings. Oh god the onion rings. Each one was the size of the burger bun. I had no idea such large onions even existed.

After finishing the night with the in-house brew Patriot IPA, it was time to hit the road. I’m really glad I found this place, and will definitely return when I’m next in Alpharetta.

hop_alley_2            hop_alley_3