cocktail recipe: JB’s bloody mary

This is an ode to the chef who taught me how to make an excellent Bloody Mary. Actually, there’s one super-secret ingredient that I didn’t have in for this, and I had better not give it away here. The things about this drink is that it’s all about personal taste, but this is a good guide if you want to impress the bed-headed, thirsty and very hungover person in your life at 11.55am on a Sunday.

The basics – two shots of vodka (I used Russian Standard) and tomato juice. Boston shaker, loads of ice, and rock it for about thirty seconds. I added a few chopped up chunks of celery at this stage too as a spur of the moment touch. I don’t know why. (Yes, I made and drank this BEFORE having a coffee). Then add a squeeze of lemon (one generous wedge is fine), a pinch of celery salt and a good amount of black pepper. Then it’s time to chuck in the ingredients that really make a Bloody Mary what is is.

So the Worcester sauce and Tabasco… If I was to be flippant, I’d say you need to pretty much double whatever an online recipe tells you. I went with a liberal 6 drops of each – I prefer it with just as much Worcester sauce to balance the spice with richness, despite many recipes suggesting going heavier on the hot stuff proportionally.

Rock with the ice some more to mix the flavours and help the ice melt a little – I prefer the tomato juice a little diluted, otherwise the texture is just too odd, and especially in the summer months, not nearly as refreshing.

Fill a glass with ice (like, really fill, until it’s literally poking out of the top) and finish with a celery stirrer and another good crack of black pepper. If you like your spice strong and latent, this is a good time to spoon in some horseradish. It won’t look all that pretty, but it’ll taste fucking brilliant. This drink all over, really.