ale review – Jack of Clubs, Wildcard Brewery

I suppose this elegant and quirky font (my favourite of the year so far, from Wathamstow-based Wild Card Brewery) is exactly the sort of trendy thing you’d expect to see in an east London boozer, but it wasn’t all style over substance.

The beer itself was rich, fruity and refreshing. I always have reservations about drinking a ruby on a summer’s day (even a rainy one) but this was sufficiently thirst quenching whilst with a hint of caramel intensity, a good reason to head back to the Sebright Arms, or seek this out elsewhere. It’s also a good way to avoid feeling tipsy before lunch; at 4.5% it’s much friendlier on an empty stomach than the 7% IPAs on the bar, without compromising on flavour.

Wild Card is certainly on my list to try again, and not only because of my inevitable bias upon finding out that it had its roots in Nottingham.

wild card