Cocktail recipe – Mexico via Italy

I’ve been a bit lax on these lately – summer has put me in the mood for refreshing drinks, which usually means beer as I’m not a huge fan of longer cocktails (why dilute the booze?) I had a tiny bit of tequila to finish off, but no triple sec to make my usual summer’s day favourite, a Margarita. Instead, I decided to go for a short and more bitter alternative.

After pouring the tequila over loads of ice and adding a couple of lime wedges, I shook in a few drops of Angostura bitters and finished it with a small drizzle of Campari before stirring lots until the ice started to melt. The result was surprisingly crisp and clean, and the sweet/bitter balance of the Campari did a really good job of making off-the-shelf tequila palateable, as opposed to a ‘slam-it-down-the-throat’ kind of drink.