restaurant review: blanchette, W1F

French tapas sounds a little odd. But actually works quite well.

This small and charming place has many of the great dishes you’d expect from a French restaurant, and also a few more innovative ones. The difference is, these are small plates made for sharing.

Some things were easier to share than others. The beautifully cooked peppered tuna was already sliced over greens with wild garlic and easy to serve, whereas the braised beef was a little trickier to get into.

It might not sound classy, but my favourite part was the frites with Béarnaise sauce – truly divine.

I’ll definitely return to Blanchette – it might not be the best place to fill up on a budget (for that there’s Bodeans just around the corner) but it’s an inexpensive way to be able to pick and choose, and sample lots of different and authentic French flavours.