Cocktail recipe: Sazerac (with extra Peychauds)

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages, but I’ve been short of the vital ingredient of Peychauds Bitters. Originally created in 1830 by an apothecary owner, these bitters have turned into a cocktail staple, lighter and sweeter than the household name Angostura.

This is one of the many cocktails that you’ll find some slightly differing recipes for online, but essentially you’ll need some bourbon or rye whiskey, and some absinthe or pastis.

First you’re going to have to swirl the absinthe or pastis around the glass then throw it away (I know, it hurts me too). Some recipes say to do this with ice, but I wanted to make sure I left a trickle in the glass, and it’s easier to see what you’re doing without ice in the way, so I did it without.

Next, add a teaspoon of water, a tiny bit of sugar and a few drops of the bitters (most recipes say 3 dashes, but I gave it more like six). Muddle with the teaspoon a bit before adding a load of ice (four or five decent sized cubes should do it) and pouring two shots of the whiskey over the ice. Finally, add a lemon twist. At this stage I gave it one final stir.

I’m pretty happy with this for my first at-home attempt. I used bourbon, which is sweeter than rye, so less sugar and a more substantial lemon twist can overcome this.