Gin review: The King of Soho

The elegant bottle is a good indication of what to expect from this gin – it’s incredibly smooth and suave. This is made in a little distillery in the heart of London, with plenty of citrus including grapefruit peel.

As always when sampling a new gin, a simple G+T is the real test. It was possible to have both a strong and refreshing drink with this – which isn’t as easy when using a gin more heavy on the juniper front.

Next sample was in a wet gin martini with a twist. The bittersweet citrus notes of the gin cut through the vermouth and make this incredibly easy to drink without being sweet or overbearing. Certainly one to be reserved for the more simple and subtle of the gin cocktails, I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good quality but uncontroversial London gin (basically anyone who thinks Hendricks overegg the pudding with ponce and that export strength Tanqueray tastes a touch too intense).

Next I’m going to try this with a Gimlet, and I imagine come summer I won’t be able to resist trying it in a Bramble too.