bar review: Pelt Trader

Under Cannon Street station hides this awesome little drinking den that is a welcome relief from the fairly bland Fullers and Nicholsons pubs that seem to overcrowd the City.

Beer taps are on the back wall, with blackboards showing the latest choices. Every time I’ve been so far there’s been a great selection of both light and dark stuff, from full-on stouts and hoppy IPAs to refreshing lagers. If you’re after something below 5% abv, you’re far more likely to find it here than you would be in various other craft beer venues, so there really is something for everyone, and the value for money at the Pelt is fantastic.

The nice touch here is that you can book tables for drinks. Which you probably can in plenty of places, but Pelt Trader is simply great at advertising the fact via Twitter (and got back to my booking tweet in very good time. Handy for people like me with an irrational dislike of picking up the phone).

Oh, and the pizzas are great. Dad and I shared a large one (18 inch) and couldn’t finish it. If you know either one of us in real life, you’ll be suitably surprised.