cocktail recipe – Manhattan (almost perfect)

I do love a Manhattan.  And in my cocktail bartending days, I enjoyed seeing the customer breathe a sigh of relief when I asked how they wanted it. In addition to 2 shots of bourbon or rye, a Manhattan can be made either ‘dry’ or ‘sweet’, depending on whether 25ml of extra dry or rosso vermouth is used. A ‘perfect’ Manhattan is made using exactly half a shot of each. Just to be awkward, I decided to create my own variation earlier this week; 20ml sweet vermouth, 5ml dry. For me, the 5ml is enough to give it a kick, but it remains sweet enough to satisfy my sugary cravings. Also, I almost certainly used far more than the 4 drops of Angostura bitters that Diffords Guide recommended.

This is traditionally garnished with either a twist of orange, or a cherry. I improvised using the satsumas I had in the house.

Photography by David Hand,