Beer review: Atlantic White, Brains Craft Brewery

Well, these guys have come a long way since the Rev James.

Yesterday was my first foray into the craft range launched in 2012 by the brewery previously known by many for the iconic SA. Let’s face it, Brains brewery has never been one of the most likely to be a hit with the younger generation. Until now, that is.

The Atlantic White was a subtle and refreshing Belgian style Wit bier, complete with curacao orange and coriander seeds (though not quite as overbearingly citrus flavoured as similar ones I’ve tried of late, which is a good thing).

Having had a browse at the website for Brains Craft Brewery, there’s loads more I can’t wait to try, especially the Rye Catcher and the unique sounding Squashed which apparently tastes like pumpkin. I think I might even be able to get my mum to give the Barry Island IPA a go.

Also, bravo for the witty names. Weiss Weiss Baby is fucking genius.