Bar Review: The Dovetail EC1V


With all the continental chic of a European beer hall, but all the cosiness of a London hidden-away pub, the Dovetail is a special place. There’s Tin-Tin pictures on the tiled walls, homely wooden furniture and bench-style seating. It’s well and truly off the beaten track, which probably means that most people are there quite on purpose, and with good reason.

There’s a great choice of Belgian brews on tap, as well as an extensive selection in fridges. The drinks menu is helpfully set out with short descriptions, so even if you don’t know you Trappist from your Witbier when you arrive, you will by the time you leave.

The food is fantastic. I usually have the burger (choice of boar or bison) which comes with a choice of boozy sauces. Great value, very filling and delicious; an absolute must at the start of a heavy session on the strong stuff.

In the centre of town, there really is something nice about a place where I can avoid the after-work cliches, get a table, have something to eat and drink by the half. It’s no secret that Clerkenwell has a tonne of great pubs. The fact that it has one that feels this civilised at 6pm on a Thursday feels like a luxury for beer fans who want to escape the predictable bustle for a while.