Gin review: Few Spirits Barrel Gin

I first came across Few Spirits at an event hosted by whiskey stone supplier Teroforma in Shoreditch in mid 2013. They had a few whiskeys for sampling, including a delicious Rye. Then they opened the gin. Literally like a cross between gin and bourbon. I was in love.

I got a bottle of Barrel Gin for Christmas (thanks DH x). It’s so good, I’m yet to make a cocktail with it; the frills really aren’t needed.

For starters, you can tell by the colour that it’s going to pack a punch. I’d personally never seen gin this brown before. Smokey on the nose with intensity reminiscent of peated single malt, the palate is fresh with a hint of apple, plenty of the classic juniper but also with a treacle-like aftertaste. A perfect drink over ice for whisk(e)y fans who find the back of throat kick a little punishing the morning after…

When I first got this bottle, I swore I’d never make a G+T with it, but I tried it when I had mum over, and was glad I did. A little ice, twist of lemon and a dash of FeverTree tonic, and it’s a classier, more exquisite drink than any long whiskey or gin cocktail I’ve ever had.

If you like floral gins, don’t buy this. If you don’t enjoy a good spirit on the rocks, don’t even think about it. If you’ve been looking for something for a pre-dinner G+T on a cold winter night when the scotch looks more appealing, then stop. You’ve found it.