Cocktail recipe: Frothy Espresso Martini

I’ve never actually made an Espresso Martini before today, but given that I skipped dessert at lunch, it seemed like the perfect substitute.

I followed the Diffords Guide recipe that suggested shaking 2 shots of vodka (I used Skyy), 2 shots of espresso (I used instant coffee to make it) 1/2 shot of Kahlua and 1/2 shot of gomme with ice. I wanted a drink that felt a little more like a belated dessert, so I also added about 1/3 shot of milk.

The result was pretty damn good, if a little more sugary tasting than my usual cocktail preferences. I hardly ever drink Kahlua, and I’d forgotten how sweet it was. Next time I could probably do without the gomme as I don’t have a big sweet tooth.