Gin review: Silent Pool

This is everything I want from a Med gin – it just happens to be distilled in Surrey. The first time I had tried Gin Mare, I had high hopes. I imagined I… Continue reading

Bar review: The Esquire Tavern

In stark contract to the rest of the River Walk, The Esquire Tavern is the pinnacle of decadence and sophistication. With long solid wooden tables, it feels like a Bavarian beer hall, and yet… Continue reading

Ale review: Gun Brewery Red Ale

A while since I’ve knowingly had a vegan beer. For anyone wondering, it means the beer has no fining agent (containing fish traces) added, making it naturally hazy. I can’t help but wonder which omissions/additions… Continue reading

Gin Review: Eden Mill Golf Gin

I’ve tried to find something interesting to say about this gin. Really I have. I’ve tried sipping it straight, I’ve mixed it with Fever Tree and a slice of grapefruit, and still I… Continue reading

Restaurant Review: The Feathers, Rickmansworth

In anticipation of spending a bit of time in this neck of the woods on our boat next year, we wandered the canal for a couple of hours to check out the community.… Continue reading

Dim Sum Making at London Cookery School

Something a little different… Last month, I spent a night learning how to make dim sum. And it was a lot of fun, if a little challenging. The setting at London Cookery School… Continue reading

Beer review: Dale’s Pale Ale

Quite simply, a rush of hops to the head. I had so much fun trying to guess the varieties used to brew this that I forgot to check the back of the can… Continue reading

Beer review: Mission Pale Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewing

A recent trip to the US was topped off with sampling a few craft beers. This one in particular had travelled a fair distance to end up in a pizza place in Atlanta,… Continue reading

Bar review: Cahoots, London

Nestled in Kingly Court (the heart of swinging 60s London) is this bar in a former tube station. When this place opened, getting a slot as a walk-in was hard, but it has… Continue reading

Ale review: Outlawed, Springhead Brewery

I was delighted to see a Springhead beer I hadn’t tried before on a recent visit to Nottingham. Based in Newark, these guys have been churning out fantastic characterful beers with fonts to… Continue reading